September 19, 2017

How to Keep Small Spaces Organized

Have a closet, drawer, or cabinet in your home that's always disorganized? Learn how to get and keep small spaces organized in just a few steps. These easy tips are great for organizing the closet, bathroom, or kitchen.


We all have that one cabinet, closet, or drawer in our home.  You know, the one that you throw yourself in front of when a guest reaches to open it.  You’re so adamant that they keep it closed, they probably think you’ve stuffed a dismembered corpse inside.

Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to be embarrassed by that junk drawer?  That entry closet?  That bathroom cabinet?  With an organizational system and a little discipline, you can keep small spaces organized in your home.

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January 11, 2018

How to Plan a Surprisingly Healthy Super Bowl Menu

A game day party doesn't have to mean game over for your diet. Plan a healthy Super Bowl menu! Mix and match ideas for light appetizers, entrees, and desserts to create the ultimate fit fan food lineup! #superbowl #gameday #healthy

A healthy Super Bowl menu is easy to plan, if you know where to look.  This collection of healthy appetizers, entrees, and desserts will please your Super Bowl party crowd, and your waistline, too!

“Oh come on, one isn’t going to kill you.”

You feel your skin crawl underneath your jersey.  You don’t want to be rude, but you’re not that kind of girl anymore.

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January 9, 2018

How to Host a Stress-Free Super Bowl Party

Planning and hosting a Super Bowl party can be stressful.  Learn Super Bowl Party basics, and a few tips and tricks to host a stress-free Super Bowl party.

A Super Bowl party.

The thought of planning and hosting it creates a lump of dread in your throat.  Scattered ideas spin around in your head until you can’t see straight.  You’re so busy with everything else that your knees wobble at the thought of adding a party on top of your already-overflowing plate.

Guess what?  I have answers for you.

You can host a fun, stress-free Super Bowl party with some easy prep work, and a short list of supplies.

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January 2, 2018

How to Start Organizing Your Home: A Simple Plan

Want to start the home organization process, but not sure where or how? This simple tutorial is filled with tips and ideas on how to start organizing your home. It also includes free printables to help you declutter and get organized! #declutter #organizing

Figuring out how to start organizing your home can be overwhelming.  This simple plan will help you find a starting point, and break getting organized into easy, bite-sized chunks.

At some point, you stopped noticing it.  You’d walked by it so many times, it stopped registering in your mind and became part of the landscape, like blades of grass.

You could feel it, though.  Still can.

It permeates your mornings, where you flail around for that missing earring and claw for something presentable to wear.

It’s turned dinnertime into a circus, where you shove aside 5 cans of (probably expired) green beans in a frenzied effort find the makings of a decent meal in your overflowing pantry.

Visits from friends and family cause your cheeks to flush hot with embarrassment as soon as you open the door.  You stopped noticing it long ago, but they didn’t.

This insidious thing called clutter is overtaking your home and your life, but you don’t know where to start.

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Living Well Planner Review: What You Need to Know

Whether you're working on New Year's resolutions or just want to be more organized, this Living Well Planner review will help you decide if this planner is right for you. Check out the in-depth overview of goal setting, budgeting, meal planning, calendar pages, and more! #planner #organized

This Living Well Planner review provides information on the specifications, features, advantages, and drawbacks of the Living Well Planner from Living Well Spending Less.

I struggled to straighten my spine against the 10 pounds hanging next to my side.  The weight of my purse straps seared into my shoulder.

What’s worse than standing in line at the DMV?  I asked myself.

My response?  Standing in line at the DMV with a useless planner weighing down my purse.

Spoiler alert:  That planner WAS NOT the Living Well Planner.

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December 19, 2017

Quick & Easy Christmas Craft How-To: Hat & Sweater Gift Bottle

These DIY hat & sweater gift bottles are super quick and easy to make! They are perfect for gifts to friends, neighbors, teachers, and family for Christmas and holidays.

You can make this easy Christmas craft using things you probably already have at home.  It’s no-sew, quick to complete, and adorable.  Perfect for busy women who want to create and give handmade gifts, but have limited time.

Tilting my head and furrowing my brow, I searched for some visible speck of quality, cuteness, some sign of success.

Sighing, I unfocused my eyes. The red, green, white and silver melded into an amorphous blob, all detail lost. Yes, this is how it looks best, I thought to myself. The lack of focus hides the ugly.

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November 27, 2017

The 10 Greatest Fitness Gear for Quick At-Home Workouts

A busy life doesn't have to mean no exercise. With some basic fitness gear, you can have quick, effective home workouts. This list includes equipment for cardio and strength training. Looking for Christmas gift ideas? This is great as a gift guide for busy women! #homeworkouts #giftguide

A busy life doesn’t have to mean no exercise.  With some basic equipment, you can have quick and effective at-home workouts.  This list of fitness gear is great for getting started with home workouts, or as a gift guide for busy women.

My nostrils flared as I inhaled sharply, lengthening my spine and sucking my stomach in.  My knuckles turned white as I tugged both sides together, but it was no use.

Those jeans wouldn’t button.

How did I let this happen?  I asked myself.  But I already knew the answer.

When I talk to my friends about exercise, the same thing always comes up:  Not enough time.  With jobs, kids, a house to take care of, and a million other things to do, it makes sense.

But who suffers when you skip working out?

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November 21, 2017

How to Focus on Staying Healthy During the Holidays

Staying healthy during the holidays and in winter is no small feat. By making a few small adjustments, you can preserve your physical and mental well-being during the season. Check out these tips and inspiration and stay healthy during the holidays! #healthy #holidays #wellness

Staying healthy during the holidays is no small task.  By placing your focus on a few key areas, you’ll be able to enjoy the season while putting your health and wellness front and center.

My eyelashes fluttered and shifted as I stole a glance from across the room.  It had been months, but I hadn’t forgotten.  I couldn’t.

Breathing out slowly from my nose, I turned my gaze back to my brother, who was talking about his latest vintage machinery purchase.

“You can do it,” I thought to myself.  Inhaling, I raised my chin high and relaxed my face to signal that I didn’t care in the slightest about them, teasing me from my parents’ kitchen.  That they were powerless over me.  That they wouldn’t hurt me again.  Of course they were powerless.  I’m a grown woman!

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November 14, 2017

5 Practical Things to Know About Owning a Home

Whether you're a first-time homeowner or you've been in the game for a while, there are some things you should know about owning a home. These 5 homeowner tips are ones that almost no one tells you, but they're vital to successful home maintenance and DIY projects. Includes a free printable home maintenance issues worksheet!

There are important things about owning a home that some homeowners don’t learn until it’s too late.  Take these 5 practical truths about owning a home to heart, and you’ll be prepared to manage home maintenance challenges head-on.  Plus… a free printable!

“Towels!  I need towels!”  My dad bounded out the front door of my new house.

I located the box of towels and handed it down from the moving truck.

“They’re right here.  What’s going on?”

He grabbed the box and shot back inside, his face a mix of panic and purposeful determination.  I felt a lump forming in my throat as a feeling of dread swept over me.  We had just closed on this house 2 days ago, and something had already gone wrong.

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November 7, 2017

How to Throw an Adventurous Wine and Cheese Party

Looking to up your entertaining game? Host a fun and adventurous wine and cheese party for your friends! Find ideas for appetizers, where to find pairings, supplies needed, games, and more!

A wine and cheese party is a great social icebreaker. Learn supplies you’ll need, how to choose pairings, and how to get your guests talking about the tastings.

As soon as it hit my tongue, my nose crinkled.

My eyes blurred with tears as this particularly pungent variety ravaged my taste buds.

“Try the port,” my co-worker Jen smiled.

Sweet relief, I thought, as I threw my head back and swigged the wine.

Then something happened.

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October 31, 2017

How to Clean Out Gutters – and Why You Should

It's important to clean out gutters regularly. Doing so keeps rain flowing away from your home, and helps prevent water damage. Discover the tools you'll need to diy your gutter cleaning, get product recommendations, and learn a few hacks. Your ladder awaits!

It’s important to clean out gutters twice a year.  Find out why, and how, below.

Drip, drip, drip.

That’s not normal.  It’s raining, but… where is that coming from?  You round the corner into your living room to see…

Big, shiny drops of water trickling in from the corner of the ceiling.

Holy ____!

Great.  Drywall soaked with rainwater, ceiling already mushy and yellowing, mold creeping down the wall in the very near future, along with a side of wood rot.

Guess what?  This particular incident could have been prevented.

Instead of standing here, jaw agape, staring in shock at water pouring into your living room, you could have skipped this whole thing.  That drip, drip, drip didn’t have to pierce your ears.  How could it have been prevented?  Here are a few options:

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