May 18, 2017

Dessert Swap – Blueberries and Zabaglione

ShowMe Suburban | Blueberries & Zabaglione Swap

If you’ve never had zabaglione, let me describe it for you.  It’s a cool, sweet, silky custard, usually spiked with a little moscato.  It’s at its best in a champagne glass, under a layer of sumptuous fresh berries.  With blueberries especially, zabaglione is basically irresistible.

And it does your waistline zero favors.

I’ve made peace with my weakness for blueberries and zabaglione.  A simple swap was all it took to get a similar epicurean experience (Ok, a vaguely similar experience at least), with way fewer calories.

First off, you’re probably thinking, “zaba-what?”  I don’t blame you!  It’s pronounced dzabaʎˈʎoːne (That probably still doesn’t help:  zabayOWNay is close enough).

Zabaglione is a custard made with sugar, egg yolks, and usually wine.  It is rich and indulgent.  But, as stated above, it will ruin your eating plan in a flash.

Swap it like it’s hot

What’s a health-conscious girl to do when she wants creamy, delicious zabaglione with fresh blueberries?

Simple:  Keep the blueberries, and ditch the zabaglione for something lighter!  My go-to swap:  Fat-free, sugar-free vanilla pudding.*

That’s right, pudding.

Think about it.  Like zabaglione, pudding is also cool, sweet, and silky.  While it may not be as deliciously rich as zabaglione, it still pays a solid homage!

Even better, this little dessert is beyond quick and easy to make.  You’ll go from prep to plated in 5 minutes flat.

ShowMe Suburban | Blueberries & Zabaglione Swap

*Note:  You definitely don’t have to use fat-free, sugar-free pudding.  That’s just my personal preference.  Regular vanilla pudding works Just as well.  As always, do what works for you!

How it’s done

This recipe serves 4, and it doubles like a charm.  Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1 box instant fat-free, sugar-free vanilla pudding (Or other vanilla pudding of your choice)
  • 2 cups cold skim milk (Or whatever milk you prefer!)
  • 1/3 cup moscato, if desired (Barefoot Bubbly Pink Moscato is just yum, and not too bad on the bank account)
    If you choose not to include moscato, add an extra 1/3 cup of milk to thin the pudding out
  • 1 pint fresh blueberries
  • 1/2 tsp chopped fresh thyme leaves (Or about 2 sprigs), plus extra for garnish
  • 4 coupe-style champagne glasses (These are the large, half-globe-shaped glasses… you don’t want to be digging your dessert out of a champagne flute!)

ShowMe Suburban | Blueberries & Zabaglione Swap

Prepare the pudding almost according to the directions on the box

ShowMe Suburban | Blueberries & Zabaglione Swap

First, combine the pudding mix, milk, and fresh thyme leaves in a bowl.  Wisk until smooth.

If you’re adding moscato, gently stir it in after the pudding has set up.

As stated above, I add 1/3 cup.

You could do 1/4 cup, or even just a splash.

Do what works for you!

ShowMe Suburban | Blueberries & Zabaglione Swap

Adding the moscato not only adds beautiful flavor, it thins the pudding out a bit too.  This gives it a consistency more like traditional zabaglione.

For best flavor, allow the pudding mixture to chill overnight.  This will get the flavors nice and melded together.

ShowMe Suburban | Blueberries & Zabaglione Swap

A quick note on the thyme!

If you can find lemon thyme, it works great in this recipe.

I grow lemon thyme in my back yard, along with a few other herbs.

It’s versatile and works well in both sweet and savory dishes.

If you can’t find lemon thyme, regular thyme is fine.

Let’s dish

Next, divide the pudding mixture between the 4 champagne glasses.

Finally, top the pudding with blueberries.

Done.  That’s it.  Quick and easy, right?

ShowMe Suburban | Blueberries & Zabaglione Swap

ShowMe Suburban | Blueberries & Zabaglione Swap

ShowMe Suburban | Blueberries & Zabaglione Swap

The long and short

This dessert is so simple, yet feels so glamorous.  It’s great served at the end of brunch with friends, at an upscale cookout, or just as a luxurious little reward for yourself.

And while it’s reminiscent of zabaglione, it will actually help you fit into your skinny jeans!

Have you ever had zabaglione?  What’s your favorite waist-saving dessert swap?  Let’s discuss in the comments below!

P.S. – Here’s my alternative serving plan.

Complete with a glass of moscato, it’s a great way to enjoy the leftovers!

And yes, I’m representing KCMO.  Go Royals!

ShowMe Suburban | Blueberries & Zabaglione Swap

P.S. – Do you love blueberries as much as I do?  Check out my quick and easy blueberry muffin loaf!

ShowMe Suburban | Blueberries & Zabaglione Swap


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