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January 23, 2018

Organizing Fundamentals: 9 Helpful Tools for Organization

A successful organizing project starts with the right tools for organization. Learn essential organizing tools, plus simple tips and tricks to make the best use of each organizing tool! #organizing #organization #organizinghacks

Organizing projects are easier and less stressful with the right tools for organization will make an organizing project easier and less stressful.  Learn the must-have tools for organization, tools that are nice to have, plus some organizing tips and tricks.

Before you start organizing, you need to get organized.  That makes no sense, right?

What I really mean is, organizing is more efficient and less stressful when you have the right tools within arm’s reach.

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January 16, 2018

How to Grow Your Savings Account Automatically

Want to increase your savings? Learn how to grow your savings account automatically! Use these tips and tricks to put saving money on autopilot. Save up for a house, car, wedding, Christmas, anything by harnessing the power of automatic funds transfers. #money #savings

Robust savings accounts are an important aspect of financial health.  Learn how to grow your savings account automatically by harnessing the power of automatic funds transfers.

Tapping the side of my phone, I urged my bank app to load.

I needed to buy my plane ticket soon, but I had no idea how much I’d saved.  Or IF I’d saved.

The screen finally finished loading, and my lungs deflated like a pair of woopie cushions when I saw the balance.

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January 2, 2018

How to Start Organizing Your Home: A Simple Plan

Want to start the home organization process, but not sure where or how? This simple tutorial is filled with tips and ideas on how to start organizing your home. It also includes free printables to help you declutter and get organized! #declutter #organizing

Figuring out how to start organizing your home can be overwhelming.  This simple plan will help you find a starting point, and break getting organized into easy, bite-sized chunks.

At some point, you stopped noticing it.  You’d walked by it so many times, it stopped registering in your mind and became part of the landscape, like blades of grass.

You could feel it, though.  Still can.

It permeates your mornings, where you flail around for that missing earring and claw for something presentable to wear.

It’s turned dinnertime into a circus, where you shove aside 5 cans of (probably expired) green beans in a frenzied effort find the makings of a decent meal in your overflowing pantry.

Visits from friends and family cause your cheeks to flush hot with embarrassment as soon as you open the door.  You stopped noticing it long ago, but they didn’t.

This insidious thing called clutter is overtaking your home and your life, but you don’t know where to start.

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Living Well Planner Review: What You Need to Know

Whether you're working on New Year's resolutions or just want to be more organized, this Living Well Planner review will help you decide if this planner is right for you. Check out the in-depth overview of goal setting, budgeting, meal planning, calendar pages, and more! #planner #organized

This Living Well Planner review provides information on the specifications, features, advantages, and drawbacks of the Living Well Planner from Living Well Spending Less.

I struggled to straighten my spine against the 10 pounds hanging next to my side.  The weight of my purse straps seared into my shoulder.

What’s worse than standing in line at the DMV?  I asked myself.

My response?  Standing in line at the DMV with a useless planner weighing down my purse.

Spoiler alert:  That planner WAS NOT the Living Well Planner.

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October 31, 2017

How to Clean Out Gutters – and Why You Should

It's important to clean out gutters regularly. Doing so keeps rain flowing away from your home, and helps prevent water damage. Discover the tools you'll need to diy your gutter cleaning, get product recommendations, and learn a few hacks. Your ladder awaits!

It’s important to clean out gutters twice a year.  Find out why, and how, below.

Drip, drip, drip.

That’s not normal.  It’s raining, but… where is that coming from?  You round the corner into your living room to see…

Big, shiny drops of water trickling in from the corner of the ceiling.

Holy ____!

Great.  Drywall soaked with rainwater, ceiling already mushy and yellowing, mold creeping down the wall in the very near future, along with a side of wood rot.

Guess what?  This particular incident could have been prevented.

Instead of standing here, jaw agape, staring in shock at water pouring into your living room, you could have skipped this whole thing.  That drip, drip, drip didn’t have to pierce your ears.  How could it have been prevented?  Here are a few options:

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October 10, 2017

How to Choose Organizing Containers

Choosing the right organizing containers is vital to keeping your home organized. Plastic containers, woven or fabric containers, and lids can make or break organization in your kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom. Here are some tips and good ideas for choosing the right containers for the right space, based on your habits and routines.

Pinterest envy.

You’ve felt it before.  Scrolling through your Pinterest feed, you stop momentarily on a pin of a beautiful kitchen, with perfect rows of chic baskets cradling the owner’s perfectly-organized kitchen tools.

You run to Target, drop some change on adorable baskets, get them all set up in your kitchen.

And they’re a wreck a week later.

I just can’t stay organized,” you tell yourself.  But you’re wrong.

By making just one little change, you can keep your home organized consistently.

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October 3, 2017

Dos and Don’ts for a Clutter-Free Home

Looking for tips to create a clutter-free home? Struggling to keep up with your home organization? These do's and don'ts will help you organize and declutter your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, closet, and your whole home.

No matter how many times you organize your home, you’re always tripping over clutter.  Why??  For the love of whatever, why can’t you keep a clutter-free home?

Look, it happens to most of us at some point in our lives.  The good news is that you can break the cycle of a chronically cluttered home.  Here is a list of do’s and don’ts to help you get – and keep – a clutter-free home.

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September 26, 2017

Style Your Own Fall Decor Mashups

Looking to create glamorous, understated fall décor? Learn to mix and match seasonal and non-seasonal décor to create your own fall décor mashup! Great for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and all through fall. Ideas for jeweled pumpkins, fall vignettes, and easy fall decorating!

Fall décor.

Does that phrase conjure up images of cheap paper skeletons, black and orange everything, and expensive animatronic lawn mummies?

It doesn’t have to.

In fact, you can create glamorous, understated fall décor by creating mashups of seasonal and non-seasonal décor pieces.  As a result, your fall décor will blend beautifully with the rest of your home, providing a hint of fall.  You’ll also save money by using some of the décor you already have.

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September 19, 2017

How to Keep Small Spaces Organized

Have a closet, drawer, or cabinet in your home that's always disorganized? Learn how to get and keep small spaces organized in just a few steps. These easy tips are great for organizing the closet, bathroom, or kitchen.


We all have that one cabinet, closet, or drawer in our home.  You know, the one that you throw yourself in front of when a guest reaches to open it.  You’re so adamant that they keep it closed, they probably think you’ve stuffed a dismembered corpse inside.

Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to be embarrassed by that junk drawer?  That entry closet?  That bathroom cabinet?  With an organizational system and a little discipline, you can keep small spaces organized in your home.

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September 12, 2017

How to Create Classy Fall Decor

Tired of tacky Halloween decorations? Check out these tips for creating glamorous, classy fall décor! Great for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and all through fall. Ideas for fabric and jeweled pumpkins, fall vignettes, and fall color palettes!

Do you find yourself wanting to decorate for fall, but feel repelled by the kitschy, hokey feel of some traditional fall or Halloween decorations?  Fear not, my friend.  With a little planning and design know-how (Plus some serious Pinspiration!), you can easily create classy fall décor for your home.
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