May 4, 2017

Healthy Snacking: Avocados 3 Ways

ShowMe Suburban | Avocados 3 Ways

When I’m looking for a quick, filling, and healthy snack, I often reach for an avocado.  I love eating half an avocado right out of the skin, and I like to put a different spin on it each time.  Today, I’m going to share with you my 3 favorite (and healthy!) ways to munch on an avocado.

Good… and good for you

Avocados are considered a superfood, and for good reason.  As this article from WebMD demonstrates, they are rich in nearly 20 vitamins and minerals.  They have a low sugar content.  Finally, they are full of fiber and monounsaturated (aka good) fats.  Who knew that this little green fruit (Yes, it’s a fruit!) packed such a nutritional punch!

A cautionary note

Avocados are full of good fat.  But, fat (even good fat) also means lots of calories.  An average-sized avocado contains about 250 calories.

To keep my snack on the light and healthy side, I generally eat only one half of an avocado at a time.

To save the other half for later, coat the inside in lemon juice.  Then, store it face-down on a plate in the refrigerator.  It won’t keep for too terribly long that way, but a good 12 hours at least.  If nothing else, you can use it to make a tiny serving of guacamole!

ShowMe Suburban | Avocados 3 Ways

Avocados 3 ways

Regardless of which way you choose to prepare your avocado, the first few steps are the same:

  • Cut in half from top to bottom
  • Twist the two halves apart
  • Safely remove the pit (You can do that with a corkscrew! Check out this video from PureWow for the lowdown)

Once you have those three steps done, dress up your little avocado to your heart’s desire.  As I stated above, I like to snack on my avocado right out of the skin.  You’ll need a spoon, but no dish required!

Sea salt, balsamic vinegar

Pour a teaspoon or two of your favorite balsamic vinegar in the center of the avocado.  Sprinkle the whole thing with sea salt to taste.

ShowMe Suburban | Avocado Balsamic Sea Salt

ShowMe Suburban | Avocado balsamic sea salt

The acidity of the balsamic, along with the sea salt, provides a beautiful contrast to the buttery richness of the avocado.

Fat-free cottage cheese

Fill the center of the avocado with fat-free cottage cheese.  In addition to adding protein, the salt and tanginess of the cottage cheese cuts perfectly through the richness of the avocado.

ShowMe Suburban | Avocado cottage cheese

ShowMe Suburban | Avocado cottage cheese

Why fat free?

Because the avocado is already full of plenty of healthy fats, I don’t see any reason to add more fat to the mix.

Do what works for you though.

Minced garlic

Add half a teaspoon (More if you’re brave like me!) of minced garlic to the center of the avocado.  Sprinkle with sea salt to taste.  The garlic (A superfood in its own right) adds a light spiciness that can’t be beat.

ShowMe Suburban | Avocado garlic

ShowMe Suburban | Avocado garlic

For a milder flavor, use minced garlic packed in water instead of fresh.  It’s usually available in the spice or canned goods section of your local grocery store.

The long and short

Avocados are a nutritional powerhouse.  Eaten in moderation (Usually one half at a time), they make a great snack.

You can fill the center of an avocado with just about anything you want!  In addition to my three favorites above, I also enjoy salsa, turkey bacon, or even a bit of scrambled eggs in mine.

What is your favorite way to eat an avocado?  Have you tried any of the ideas above?  Let me know in the comments below!

ShowMe Suburban | Avocado cottage cheese

ShowMe Suburban | Avocados 3 Ways


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