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How to Keep Small Spaces Organized

  We all have that one cabinet, closet, or drawer in our home.  You know, the one that you throw yourself in front of when a guest reaches to open it.  You're so adamant that they keep it closed, they probably think you've stuffed a dismembered corpse inside. Wouldn't it be great if you didn't have to be embarrassed by that junk drawer?  That entry closet?  That [...]

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How to Create Classy Fall Decor

Do you find yourself wanting to decorate for fall, but feel repelled by the kitschy, hokey feel of some traditional fall or Halloween decorations?  Fear not, my friend.  With a little planning and design know-how (Plus some serious Pinspiration!), you can easily create classy fall décor for your home. [...]

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How To: Decorate Pots for Fall

Of all the seasons, fall seems to be the one that gets people most excited.  Maybe it's because of the striking visual changes that happen in nature during the fall. The leaves turn to brilliant shades of red, gold, and auburn.  The air gets a little chillier.  And... it's sweater weather, baby. I love to usher in fall with a colorful, cheery update to the planter pots [...]

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Quick and Easy Blueberry Muffin Loaf

Box mix blueberry muffins are nothing to write home about.  But with just a few tweaks, you can take that box of muffin mix from boring to special in no time. How?  By turning it into an easy blueberry muffin loaf, bursting with juicy berry flavors! It's unbelievably simple, yet packs a punch.  Let me show you how. [...]

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