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You want to do more. You want to do better.

You love yourself, your home, and your community.  But you want to do more.  You want to do better.  You’re searching for a balanced, beautiful, laid-back life.

But it’s just. so. much.

You want to eat more healthfully.  Feel more organized.  Take control of your household.  Kick butt at work.  Be a bright spot in your community.

But sometimes, you’re so tired and burned out that microwaving dinner feels like an achievement.

ShowMe Suburban

Guess what?  I’ve been there.  And I’ve gotten it (mostly) figured out.  And I can help you!

How I can help

ShowMe Suburban | Amy

I’m Amy, the driving force behind ShowMe Suburban.  My passion is helping women achieve a balanced, laid-back lifestyle, one personal win at a time.

I’ve spent over a decade learning to cultivate a laid-back life that I love by:

  • Developing sound personal finances
  • Discovering better ways to take care of myself
  • Decorating and caring for my home, and
  • Getting more involved with my friends, neighbors, and community

Through my journey, I developed the term “laid-back living,” because it embodies what I strive for every day.  And I’m guessing you do, too!

Laid-back living means finding the freedom to enjoy yourself, your home, and your community.  Knocking out your must-dos so you have more time for what you want to do.


  • Looking and feeling your best.
  • Having the ability to welcome unexpected guests without worrying about whether your home is presentable.
  • Engaging your neighbors and community with confidence and savvy.

That’s laid-back living.  More substance, less stress.

Let's do this.

Ready to live your laid-back life?  Let’s go!  I’ll help you:

  • Make healthier choices
  • Take great care of yourself, inside and out
  • Create and manage a home you love
  • Positively impact your community

Ready to dig in, but not sure where to start?   I’ve got you covered!

ShowMe Suburban

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ShowMe Suburban

The blog

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Finally, if you have questions about living your best laid-back life, feel free to email me at amy@showmesuburban.com.

Meet Amy

ShowMe Suburban | Amy

Amy is a 30-something professional living the suburban life in the Kansas City, Missouri metropolitan area.   She works full-time, and in her free time enjoys reading, horseback riding, volunteering, and making her home beautiful.  If you’re wondering where on earth she came up with the name “ShowMe Suburban,” the answer is location, location, location – Missouri is known as the Show-Me State!