The best of laid-back living

Have you ever wondered if you could…

  • Clean out your gutters yourself?
  • Find a healthy snack you don’t completely dread?
  • Be less awkward at that upcoming dinner party?
  • Find an amazingly comfortable pair of shoes that don’t look like orthopedic nurse sneakers?  (You know the ones…)

Guess what… me too!  And, I’m sharing the answers to those questions (And many more) right here!  At ShowMe Suburban, you’ll be along for the ride as I uncover the best of laid-back living, one piece at a time.

What is laid-back living?

To me, laid-back living means having the freedom to enjoy your family, home, and community.

Imagine looking and feeling your best, having the ability to welcome unexpected guests without worrying about whether your home is presentable, or engaging your neighbors and the community beyond with confidence and savvy.  That’s laid-back living.  More substance, less stress.

How do I get there?

That’s where I come in.

My goal is to help you live a healthy, exciting, fulfilled life in the suburbs.  I’m here to show you how to create and maintain a healthy sense of self, a home environment you love, and strong relationships within your community by making wise choices regarding self care, home care, and social interaction.

I’ll give you my tried-and-true tips for fit eating, personal growth and wellness, creating a beautiful and well-maintained home, being a successful member of your community, and adding a little luxury to your every day life.

Come on – Let’s do it together!  I’m ready to get you well on your way to living your best suburban life.  Thanks so much for stopping by, and I hope you’ll join me often here at ShowMe Suburban!

Meet Amy

Amy is a 30-something professional living the suburban life in the Kansas City, Missouri metropolitan area.   She works full-time, and in her free time enjoys reading, horseback riding, volunteering, and making her home beautiful.  If you’re wondering where on earth she came up with the name for ShowMe Suburban, the answer is location, location, location – Missouri is known as the Show-Me State!

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