Tieks: Your New Favorite Flats

Curious about Tieks shoes? I was, too. I bought a pair and tried them out, thinking they'd never fit my wide feet. Find out what happened in this review. See pink, taupe, and nude patent Tieks up close!

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They’re kind of the broccoli of the shoe world.  Functional, good for your health, and less exciting than the other options on the table.

But a cute pair of flats can completely make an outfit.  And a high-quality pair will be your wardrobe hero, time and again.

Where can I find these stylish, well-made flats, you ask?

Enter Tieks by Gavrieli.

Tieks:  The perfect pair of flats

If your Pinterest feed is anything like mine, you’ve probably heard of Tieks.

Maybe you’ve even cyberstalked checked out their website several times, like I did.

Perhaps you, like I, laughed out loud when you first saw the price.  I can remember thinking, “I’ll never buy those!”

Butt then I did.

And I haven’t looked back since.

Why?  Because they are chic, high-quality shoes that are well worth the investment.

Here’s what makes Tieks so special.

Quality construction, brilliant design

First, did I mention that they’re hand-made?  Yep, it takes more than 150 steps over the course of 3 days to hand-craft pair of Tieks.

Each shoe is made from a single piece of high-quality leather.  Read: There’s only one seam on each shoe, rather than tons of annoying seams causing sores all over your foot.

One of the most beautiful things about the premium leather is that it stretches and molds to fit your foot.  The more you wear them, the more they feel like they were custom-made just for you.

If leather isn’t your jam, they have vegan options, too.  So thoughtful!

ShowMe Suburban | Tieks: Your New Favorite Flats

* Note – all of my Tieks have an after-market liner inside the shoe.  That’s why they look a little funky.

Next, if you’ve ever had the back of your ankle rubbed raw from an elasticized shoe digging into your Achilles’, your troubles are over.

While Tieks are elasticized, the back of the shoe is not.  Instead of squeezing and digging into your skin, the cushioned back gently cradles your heel.  This eliminates slippage from a too-loose shoe, as well as discomfort from a too-tight shoe.

Also, if you’re worried about sacrificing style for comfort, don’t be!  Tieks come in a variety of colors and textures.

From classic leather, to patents, to metallics, to hand-colored snakeskin-style textures, there is something to suit literally everyone’s taste.

ShowMe Suburban | Tieks: Your New Favorite Flats

Finally, another feature designed for maximum comfort is the split sole.

The signature Tieks blue sole is attached in 2 separate parts.  This leaves the middle of the shoe free to flex and move with your foot as you go about your day.  No more blisters from walking around in stiff, inflexible flats!

ShowMe Suburban | Tieks: Your New Favorite Flats

Legendary customer service

I’ve never had to contact Tieks customer care before.  By all reports, though, it’s the stuff that dreams are made of.

I read many reviews (Back in my days of online stalking Tieks pre-purchase) that reported phenomenal customer service for exchanges, returns, and run-of-the mill inquiries.

In addition to reportedly being fantastic when something goes wrong, Tieks ambassadors put forth considerable effort to ensure that things go right.

First, your Tieks arrive beautifully boxed and adorned with a cute little fabric flower.  It’s like getting a gift from yourself!

ShowMe Suburban | Tieks: Your New Favorite Flats

Inside the box is a personalized, handwritten note from a Tieks ambassador.  A totally classy move.

ShowMe Suburban | Tieks: Your New Favorite Flats

Also inside the box is a little black carrying pouch for your new favorite flats.

Fold (Yes, fold) the shoes up, pop them in the pouch, and tuck them in your purse.  Once you’re ready to slip into your Tieks, just take your heels off and pop them into the mini tote bag that also comes with your flats!  (Amazing, right?)

ShowMe Suburban | Tieks: Your New Favorite Flats

Oh, and by the way – when your Tieks arrive in their cute little box, you will have paid zero for shipping.  Need to return or exchange?  More free shipping.  Free shipping all day.  All of the shipping is free… as long as you’re in the US, that is.

How do they fit?

Curious about fit?  I was, too.  I read review after review, trying to figure out whether Tieks would fit me.

See, I have relatively small feet (I wear a US size 6).  But my feet are wide and thick (NOT cute… I won’t be getting any foot modeling contracts.  Ever).

I was hesitant to try them, because I was afraid my feet would be too wide for them.  I’ve had my sartorial heart broken more than once by high-quality (And pricey) flats that turned out to be too narrow for my hearty feet.

Once I read Tieks’s generous return and exchange policy, I felt comfortable giving them a shot.

How did that work out?  Let me put it this way.

If you’re wondering whether they will fit you, stop wondering.  They will fit you.  And if, for some crazy reason, they don’t fit, there’s always that amazing return and exchange policy.

So yes, Tieks do easily accommodate my small-but-wide feet.  Dare I say, they even make them look cute?

My feet and ankles swell up some from time to time due to recurrent tendinitis (I know, so sexy).  My Tieks are generally forgiving enough to accommodate even my swollen, stubby little feet.

I have 3 pairs so far, and I’m ravenous for more.  My closet boasts 2 pairs of classics (Taupe and Fuscia).  I also have a patent leather pair  in nude.

I love all 3 pairs and wear them several times per week.  The fit is so perfect, in fact, that I usually forget I’m wearing them.

That’s the great thing about Tieks.

They are so comfortable and well-designed, you don’t even notice them.  But others definitely do.  Step into your own pair of blue soles, and women will be asking you about them left and right.

ShowMe Suburban | Tieks: Your New Favorite Flats

One little fit issue

The one issue I have with fit concerns my patent leather pair.

In the beginning, they did pinch down on my big toe a bit and were uncomfortably tight.  The more I wear them, though, the more relaxed the fit becomes.  In fact, they fit great now.  I chalk it up to the patent leather being naturally being less flexible, which is understandable.

 Still have questions?

Maybe I haven’t convinced you to take the plunge and get your own pair of Tieks.  Or maybe you have more questions before you buy.

In either case, Ruth at Viva Veltoro (A Tieks expert in her own rite) has several super-helpful posts about these phenomenal flats.  Check them out here.

Naturally, you can also check out the Tieks FAQs page, too.

Let’s wrap this

You’d pay good money for a pair of cute, uncomfortable heels, right?  Then stylish, comfortable flats should be well worth the investment.

Tieks by Gavrieli are chic, functional, and hand-made to last.  They are versatile enough to be worn with just about anything, so you’ll more than get your money’s worth.  Best of all, they are insanely comfortable, and they only get better with age.

Do yourself, your feet, and your wardrobe a favor.  Take the Tieks plunge.  You’ll be glad you did.

ShowMe Suburban | Tieks: Your New Favorite FlatsHave you ever tried Tieks?  What are your questions about these amazing shoes?  Let’s discuss in the comments below!

ShowMe Suburban | Tieks: Your New Favorite Flats


Curious about Tieks shoes? I was, too. I bought a pair and tried them out, thinking they'd never fit my wide feet. Find out what happened in this review.  See pink, taupe, and nude patent Tieks up close!

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